Friday, July 22, 2016

Gota Kola -Ancient Herb Easy to Grow

I’m munching on this herb as I write.  It’s not that tastey, but, Hey, we can use all the help we can get. When you are eating medicinal herbs, be sure to chew them as much as you can to absorb their benefits better. I’ve grown it for several years now.  It requires minimal care once you get it started. Just be sure to keep it moist.  It’s vining and easy to root in another pot to multiply.  If you want to chew on some every day, you’ll need more than one pot. It can be grown outside in Zone 8 or above. 

I bought mine at Strictly Medicinal Seeds (used to be Horizon Seeds), but now I see they
don’t have any in stock.  Richters in Canada also has it. And  Accents for Home and GardenI advise you to buy the plant and not the seeds which can be difficult to germinate.

Mine is not looking so good.  Maybe I'm not keeping it moist enough or maybe it needs
 more sunshine. I only get about 2 hours of sunlight where I am now, and that's if it's not cloudy.  We've been having a cool summer up here in the Northwest USA.  

It’s good for your brain and circulation among oher things.  You can get info on all it’s supposed to be good for at Herb Wisdom and Secrets of Longevity and Conscious Lifestyle.

Well after reading these descriptions again, I think I need to be eating more of it. Here’s a nice video on growing it and what it is used for.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

I'm Back

I’m back.  After a 7-year hiatus I am back to talking about useful houseplants.  Although I did not have much space for growing plants inside and still don't, I have learned a few things which I will be posting about,  I’ve checked the links, and those that are still here are still in business.  So they have at least a 10-year track record. That’s practically a lifetime in internet years.