Thursday, March 02, 2006

Found another plant very high in Vitamin C - Amla

I have been reading lately about the many facets of Vitamin C. Ascorbic acid is only part of the Vitamin C complex. Although it seems that Ascorbic acid works for me, most likely the whole complex would work better. In any case it would probably be best to get your Vitamin C from one of the plants that have a high amount of the Vitamin C complex. Acerola Cherry is one and this plant Amla is also very high. It is from the Himalayan mountains so it might grow outside up here in the Northwest. I've found two places that have seeds, Horizon Herbs and this site that just incidentally sells some seeds.

Probably in the north rose hips is the most easily obtained Vitamin C plant. Rosa Rugosa has excellent rose hips. Strange that the nursery catalogs make no mention of the rose hips when selling Rosa rugosa.


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