Saturday, July 09, 2005

Can't imagine CODEX happening here in the U.S.

You thought health insurance was expensive. Wait till you have to get a prescription for vitamins. You thought too many people were in jail. Wait till it's criminal to buy vitamins.

My useful houseplants will keep me from turning to a life a crime under CODEX. Won't need any if I have all the plants I want to get.

This issue will certainly show whether or not we have become a nation of sheep.


At 9:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"CODEX" is as likely here as anywhere else. The FDA has siezed and destroyed books about Stevia, a beneficial natural sweetener that is capable of saving the lives of millions of US citizens every year. The FDA kills thousands of US citizens every year by delaying drugs' time to market, and banning drugs that are beneficial in certain conditions, to certain people. For instance, they passed a death sentence on people who had certain sleep disorders when they banned "Rohypnol" as a "date rape drug". "Who's in favor of date rape?", the drug warriors ask, and a nation of sheep say "Baaaaa--aa--aa--n it!" All of this stems from the evil idea that there is no such thing as an inviolable right to private property, and that arbitrary laws against substances that have a possible misuse will actually prevent them from being misused. There's a booming business in black-market drugs (and now cigarettes in New York, where the politicians have been trying to modify the citizens' behavior with taxation) for the same reasons.

The first reason is moral, the second practical. It is immoral to try to control people's lives by telling them what kind of property they can decide to use, and it also doesn't work (it is impractical).

Why do I refer to people as "US citizens" and not "Americans" in this post? --Because 99% of US citizens have lost all right to call themselves Americans. They wrap themselves in the flag, and vote against everything that flag represents, in every single election. They are not dedicated to individual freedom, and simply want to be a part of the strongest team. As such, they attempt to ban entry into our country of immigrants, deny those already here their property rights (as protected plainly and clearly by the bill of rights), and never blinked when the government said: "We'll tell you what you can own, sell, trade, and even grow in your own gardens."

US citizens have ingored for 30 years the Libertarian Party, the only political party that even professes a consistent and clear desire to protect individual rights, and then they wonder why their paper money doesn't buy as much gas at the pump as two ounces of silver did 50 years ago (and still does). They whine and complain that they need oil and need to protect the atmosphere from car pollution... and instead of personally and voluntarily buying alternatively powered vehicles, or demanding that governemnt stop strangling the automotive industry, they beg the government for a show of force to keep their oil cheap.

The answer is never personal responsibility for the typical US citizen(whose brain is full of incorrect and contradicting ideas), and always FORCE. (And not even the cowardly force of being at the head of a lynch mob --this force is exercised with no chance for the victim to ever see their persecutors who hide behind the curtain in their darkened voting booths, never accepting responsibility for the lives their destroy with their stodgy, freedom-hating ideas.)

The once proud and free nation of America is no more. In its place, we have a third-rate, broken-spirited nation of theocratic socialist power-grubbers. Our police state preys on the weakest citizens sending them to prison for selling products that have a huge market demand. The drug market (in all drugs that have a use desirable to someone) has so many willing buyers that it will never go away -but it can prevent those who are law-abiding from participating in it. The black market will never dry up until we are all treated like the locked-down convicts in the Nicholas Cage movie "Face/Off".

As there was once a black market in dangerous cocaine, there are now black markets in life-saving drugs. As more drugs are banned by regulatory goons looking to enhance their own power at any cost, the black market will grow larger and more people will suffer. (I would identify them as innocent, but let's face it, they probably voted for their own death and suffering like everyone else...)

Don't tarnish the name "America" by pretending it still exists. America is a beautiful idea. If you want it ever to exist again, you'd best fight for Liberty with every fiber of your body, and ally yourself with the largest group of people in the US (still way less than 1%) who are doing so. That group of people call themselves Libertarians. Among them are libertines, gun-owners, drug users, objectivists, capitalists, people who want to educate their own kids, and many other uncategorizable people who just want to be left in peace.


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