Friday, June 10, 2005

Got sand?

The instructions for the Gingko Biloba seeds said to plant them in sandy loam soil. I bought some sand to add to my potting soil. Hope that is okay. I think it is finally starting to warm up a little, so I must get going with all my seeds and planting my tobacco again.

Also needed sand, because I want to experiment with Bonsai a little. They say you need some sand to make the soil a little heavier for a Bonsai tree. There are lots of little maple trees growing around here. Thought I would start them in little dishes and see what happens.

Found the sand at a Fred Meyer store. They seem to have everything a person needs. Looked first at K-mart. They are the pits. The garden part of the store was locked up. I don't blame them actually, as the store was practically empty on a Tuesday night.


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