Sunday, May 29, 2005

I've got three tiny tobacco plants!

This is really exciting. Three tiny shoots. I'm keeping them moist with a spray of water several times a day. As I said the seeds are really tiny. I read that there are 300,000 seeds in one ounce. One plant can make up to million seeds.

Actually tobacco can be grown in all climates. It's a wonder there isn't tobacco growing everywhere like a weed.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

All kinds of useful houseplants

Only recently, I became aware of the availability of useful plants that can be grown in your house from seed (or if you want to invest more from small plants) . Plants such as stevia that sweetens without calories and acerola which has 65 times the Vitamin C of an orange or noni which supposedly has all kinds of health benefits and then there are dwarf banana, lemon and mango trees. Also maybe not so healthy, but still interesting are coffee plants, kava and tobacco plants.

In this log I will chronicle my efforts to grow all the plants I can find. So far I have bought coffee seeds (2 kinds), stevia seeds, tobacco seeds and ginkgo biloba (can actually be grown outside in all climates).

I started with the tobacco seeds, because I received them first. Have not had luck yet. The seeds are tiny, tiny. Maybe it was too cold in my basement room. Nothing's happened in over a week since I planted them. But that's okay; I'll just try again. I got 1000 seeds for $6.00 on ebay.